Saturday, September 17, 2016

Glorious Flight Five in a Row

This row will be our longest stretched out row I think.  Its not a long row but we have had a crazy begin of homeschool year.  Last week trying to get in the swing of our new work and outside activities we only did 3 days of school.  This coming week we are going away on Thursday as a family but Steve and I are going away Tuesday as a couple just for the night so only a day or so schooling there.  But this is what homeschooling for us is all about flexibility.  The family vacation will be a mixture of fun and educational fun.

The Glorious Flight

We rowed this book a long time ago.  But a field trip came up that will go along perfectly with it so here we are rowing it again.  Just picking up different points from it.

I have 2 science kits on flying and air pressure.  So we started with that.  

The first kit we started is the Magic school bus kit.  

She started with some simple experiments like blowing air between to suspended ping pong balls to see how air pressure makes them move.  Then we made 4 paper planes all a little different one with no folded wings, one with no weight, the next with a small paper clip and the last with a large paper clip, It was to see which one flew the furthest. How changing the plane effected the flight.  Then we made another plane and used scissors to make flaps on the wings to control where the plane goes.  Its fun.  

We also talked about consequences to our actions and making amends for doing something even when its an accident.  Like in the story the Dad ran into the cart and knocked everything out.  They all ended up in the cafe and the dad paid.  So even when we do something wrong even by accident its always right to make amends.  

We will continue this row next week and then have the field trip to the airplane museum the following week.

Monday, September 12, 2016

the love of a good curriculum

Samantha and I really love Five in a Row.  We enjoy it.  We both learn new things all the time because of it.  But the biggest reason I love it is its instilled a love of good books in Samantha, the love of reading.  Here she is on a Sunday afternoon reading a book.  We bought a few new books at the Dollar book store and a library sale.  Ok I puchased about 14 new books at the book sale and maybe 4 from the book store.   Yes my name is Jennifer and I have a problem I love books and buy many often.  BUT I always buy them at an amazing price no more then $1 each often less then that.

My husband said to me the other day he thinks we have too many books.  A person can never have too many books.  Silly man.  

Build a Bear

So Samantha has always wanted a build a bear.
This summer I promised her one.
We haven't had time to get there.
Last Friday build a bear had a special $5 bears.
Wow I didn't realize how big of a line it would be we waited for what seems like forever.
But Samantha got her bear. 

Here she is making the bear making it special making a wish

Here is her bear. Its name at build a bear is Hazelnut not sure if Samantha is keeping its name.  I all can say she was so happy to be getting this bear. It was so special.

First day of school

First Day of School

It started with our fun scavenger hunt to find all the cool and fun school supplies

Then we did the traditional first day of school pictures

Then we actually did some school work.  We got through almost all the subjects.  We went shopping for some supplies.  Then we went for our traditional Ihop meal.  Normally its in the morning but this day didn't start out normal.  I usually take the first day of school off from work but I couldn't this time.  So we had breakfast for supper
She thought it was funny that I said she was drinking her strawberry shake like it was an IV life line she did

So overall the day was a great success.  

A slight change in curriculum

I decided to take a break from Rod and Staff this year for grammar.  
My daughter has a good handle on diagramming sentences.  
So I decided on trying Fix it Grammar. 
It looks interesting.  
We are starting it today. 
The rest stays the same.