Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 2 of Homeschool Spirit Week

Day 2 Comfy Cozy day!  Samantha has enjoyed doing school in her pj's while cuddling up with our schools mascot Jinglette.   Its been a productive but lazy day at school....

I didn't get any other pictures of the other days of homeschool spirit week.  But we did each day but the last. Samantha goes to computer class at the public school her and I had to send her in the uniform.  So no twin day for us.  But we did do the crazy sock day, mismatch day....wait I know I took one of her in her mismatch clothes... oh and since we couldn't do the school away from home day on its day we did that on Friday after music class.  She did her work at my work and then in the car.... she thought it was fun.  Silly girl.  

Mismatch day 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Homeschool days at Plimoth Plantation

 We took at field trip with our friends to Plimoth Plantation.  We had lots of fun. Did you know that in the native American culture the children had no responsibility besides playing? I asked them how they disciplined their children and I was told they didn't. All they expected them to do was be children and play. We also visited the Mayflower II, did some activities they  had set up for homeschoolers. Also learned that Plymouth, Plimouth and Plimoth are all the same place just when they wrote back then they wrote how they heard the sounds and depends on who wrote it would depend on how it was spelled.   Learned at artifacts.  Now on to the pictures.

pictures of our days...

doing math

 Science experiment all about bubbles. She had to predict what instruments would allow her to blow on and make a bubble.

 Reading History, her favorite subject

 She was reading about the pilgrims at Plymouth and how they used oiled paper for windows when they had no glass.  She made her own oiled window.

 A straw bow and arrow like the Natives used

 making her cursive letters out of our apple pie scented playdoh

 enjoying reading time

 No I didn't tie her to the chair... she was pretending she was on a train and needed to belt in to stay safe.

 Her toothless grin.  and she lost another tooth tonight.  That's 3 now

A week of How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World...

So last week and into this week Samantha and I did the story How To Make An Apple Pie and See The World with Five in a Row.  We had so much fun with this book. There was a lot of crafts and learning that went along with this book. We made homemade apple pie scented playdoh. It was a fun week of learning.  Until reading this childs book I didn't know where cinnamon came from. Do you? One of our goals was to make the pie from as many of the home made ingredients that we could.

First we did the salt water experiment. She waited and recorded how long it took for the water to evaporate and leave behind the salt

We then made butter from whipping cream... 
She made the stores on the city block from the book....

We then went apple picking... I forgot to get pictures with her picking apples... but here is the hay ride part.

Today we made an apple pie.... we used our butter and salt from the evaporated water to make our crust....

We used the apples that we picked at the farm...

The pie came out delicious!  Samantha loved it and she normally doesn't like apple pie. Goes to show if the kid helps make it she will eat it.

By the way cinnamon comes from the bark of a tree... The most popular cinnamon comes from the kuranda tree on the island of Sri Lanka.