Monday, September 17, 2012

Five in a Row...

I keep coming back to this curriculum. Today Samantha mentioned how much fun she had doing this curriculum. She asked to do it again. So quickly I  pulled out the manual and looked to see what books we had that are Five in a Row books.  We are doing the book How To Make an Apple Pie and see the World.  Its fun.  You read one book every day for five days.  You then learn different things from that one book, science, math, literature, art, history, geography and much more.  Today from this book we touched on 5 different countries. Where some of our food comes from. Humor in literature. Writing styles. Repetition in writing to grab the readers attention.

Samantha really hates to write... yes I know I posted this before but she really hates to write. She told me she doesn't even mind writing when its for Five in a Row.  Some days its all hands on learning but other days its a lot of writing.

Some people use this curriculum as their core curriculum and add in Math and Language arts to compliment it.  But We do it as extra fun work that you learn from.  She doesn't mind that we do all her normal work and this too. That her day becomes longer.  She loves it.  This is leading me to reevaluate what we will use in the future.  She really is learning from this type of learning method.  I am going to have to go the the homeschool convention this year and really look at all the curriculum out there to see what will be a better fit for Samantha. She is learning with what we have now.  But she does it more cheerfully and takes a hold of learning from this other type of work.  And really that is one of the reasons we homeschool.... to find what works best for Samantha and make learning enjoyable.

Samantha is at the age where she can keep using Five in a Row or go onto the Beyond Five in a Row.  FIAR uses children's story books that will help teach and expand to include many subjects of learning.  BFIAR uses chapter books to do the same thing.  Although she is reading chapter books I still think that using FIAR is a better fit for this year since some of the books from BFIAR seem really above her reading level at this time.

So this coming week she will be doing many projects to go along with the book. Look for more posts to come with our fun activities.

Looking back to a post not to long ago I had said we would do Five in a Row again this year.... but things got so busy and we were trying to make sure we did all we needed to do each day while having fun. That we forgot all about this wonderful curriculum.  I am so glad Samantha asked to do it.

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