Saturday, September 8, 2012

Some exciting finds....

This summer I hit a jackpot on science kits.  Both Steve and I were so excited about the groupon deal we saw. We both purchased the deal without telling each other.  We ended up with a total of  6 Magic School Bus science kits at a very reasonable price.  She will be learning about:

  1. rainbows and colors
  2. germs
  3. space
  4. solar energy
  5. going green 
  6. soaring into flight 
Then I found another good deal... Samantha has a tag reader. She is getting too old to use it.  Most books are for under 7.  Well a trip into Target one day I was browsing around through the isles and what do I see some tag readers on clearance.  They had this cool game on the solar system.  She is all of a sudden in love with her tag reader again. Uses it to have stories read to her at bedtime.  I am excited as this will be a fun addition when we review the solar system again!  

One more cool find... We went to an event at the New Children's Museum in Fall River today and Samantha got to paint a tile for them to use on a wall there.  Well they had all the paint set up and they used bottle caps to put the paint in. Talk about less waste that way.  When she had painted in the past it seemed like a lot got wasted. Well no more. Tomorrow I am off to the craft store to buy some bottle caps.  Better yet... the caps off our throw away bottles. That will work too and save money.  

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