Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 2 of Homeschool Spirit Week

Day 2 Comfy Cozy day!  Samantha has enjoyed doing school in her pj's while cuddling up with our schools mascot Jinglette.   Its been a productive but lazy day at school....

I didn't get any other pictures of the other days of homeschool spirit week.  But we did each day but the last. Samantha goes to computer class at the public school her and I had to send her in the uniform.  So no twin day for us.  But we did do the crazy sock day, mismatch day....wait I know I took one of her in her mismatch clothes... oh and since we couldn't do the school away from home day on its day we did that on Friday after music class.  She did her work at my work and then in the car.... she thought it was fun.  Silly girl.  

Mismatch day 

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