Thursday, September 13, 2012

Science fun

 Today Samantha had a day filled with science.  We did a few science things at home.We use a news letter type of science papers from estudies weekly.  We are supposed to do one a week but the first term papers just go over safety and instruments of science so we have been doing them almost every day.  We were provided with 6 science pages and then when they new term will start they will send me those for that term.  They all have an experiment on the last page.  Today we had to make a model of an eardrum and how it works.  She had to answer questions like how can she protect her eardrums when doing experiments.  Again she gave a one word answer.... earplugs.    The picture with her banging on the cookie sheet is the noise we hear and the bowl with the rice bouncing on it is our eardrum and how it vibrates with each sound we hear.  She was amazed.                      
Then tonight we went to Mad Science at Heritage Park
It was fun.  Samantha was so excited that she was called up on stage to help at the end of the show.  She got to make goop or whatever its called. Play with bubbles, static electricity, see how a bug sees, dig up pretend fossil, pick up pretend space rocks with fake robotic arms and learn about carbon dioxide and dry ice.  

On a side note is there a full moon tonight??? Samantha today was full of extra energy.  We had a busy day and she was bouncing of the walls all day long. She couldn't sit still in her seat during the show.  Its like she had jumping beans in her pants.  Today I filled in at the nursery at MOPS even though I am no longer a member I offered to help out in a time of need. All the older kids who were in the nursery until their class was ready were all crazy.  Samantha started homeschool swim today so you would have thought she got her energy out. 

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