Thursday, September 6, 2012

First day of Second Grade!!!!

Today we started second grade.  We had a wonderful day.  We started out with a scavenger hunt to look for some of the new school supplies. Samantha loved doing this.  She was laughing the whole time.

Then she posed for a few pictures.
 We then went into our NEW yes our new school room to start our day.  I decided today was more about learning what is expected of her instead of getting right into the academic part of it all.

  • So we sat down and looked over all the curriculum.
  • We talked about the fun science kits I purchased for this year
  • We wrote out our school rules. She had a lot of good ideas for our list.
  • We then wrote out the consequences to not following the rules.
  • We talked about the fun crafts I want to do with her.
After the expectation part of our day we got down to the fun parts....
  • We made some cute felt hair pieces
  • Learned the meaning behind the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Hung some more posters on our school room walls
  • Did a fun bible lesson
  • We started one of our science kits.
  • Samantha read for 15 minutes while relaxing on the school room couch.
  • She also went on the computer to continue an online reading site test.  
Talking about science kits.  I love science at this level. Its all about learning the world around us and how it works. Its asking questions and learning how to find the answers. Its about making mistakes and learning from them.  Yes that is a good thing to learn. Well science at any level is all about this.  But at this level its the beginning stages of it all.  

I let Samantha pick what science kit to start with. She chose All about Rainbows.  I could have guessed that is the one she would pick. (during the summer we got a great groupon deal and ended up with 6 kits for not much money!)

So lets just say we learned if you don't follow the directions you might not get the same results the experiment is looking for.  It called for milk well we ran out yesterday. So I tried substituting almond milk.  Did not work right at all. But that's what it is all about learning and experimenting!  So tomorrow we try again with the correct ingredients.

We have a fun year planned ahead of us. With a lot of hands on learning. Crafts and learning life skills like cooking, cleaning, sewing, knitting and much more.  Of course we will be doing all the subjects too! I have a few fun field trips planned I hope to find more as the year goes on.  

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