Sunday, June 10, 2012

Samantha's Top Ten reasons she loves homeschooling

I asked Samantha why she likes to be homeschooled.  These are here answers in her words.....

Samantha's top ten 

  1. more time to play
  2. I get to spend more time with my very loved mom
  3. I get to go on field trips a lot
  4. we play games while doing school work (we have a lot of learning games for math, reading and grammar)
  5. lots of arts and crafts, science and history i love that stuff
  6. I get to visit my brothers more. if I was in school I would be able to do that
  7. I get to learn what I want to learn (if something interests her I work it into her daily work)
  8. I can do school work in the order I want. (I give her a choice on the order we do the subjects)
  9. I get to do fun activities/ I have all these cool art supplies to use even when I am not doing school work (I never limit her creativity so even if its not school time the arts and craft supplies are there for her to use neatly! She has a great imagination and loves to create all kind of things.  I hope she always loves to use those skills)
  10. I finished science 1 early so mom let me do science 2 while still in the first grade. 
I love her list. 

What are the reasons your children love to homeschool?  

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