Friday, March 30, 2012


I posted about the potato that wont do anything for our experiment. Well wouldn't you know I checked it today and it grew little eyes on it. So hopefully they will continue to grow. I know Samantha was a bit frustrated with it. Or maybe it was me that was frustrated with it.

I am going to share some pictures from the past months.....
Samantha's step by step directions on how to sew...

A sewing lesson with a friend...

sensory play... writing our cursive letters in shaving cream
With our Five in a Row curriculum we did the story Cranberry Thanksgiving... So we made our own candles like the people in the story did... She had so much fun doing this

She made cranberry bread... she used the recipe from the book. It was grandma's famous cranberry bread. It was very good.
We also talked about how the story takes place somewhere in New England and how it was once the Native American's who lived here so we made some stone art like the carvings the Native Americans would do.
We read some Christmas Stories and this one we did a cute lesson with...

Samantha filled out an application to become an elf. one the side you can't see it asked why she would make a good elf..She wrote because I am nice and like to have fun with toys. So cute
She then made herself an elf

After reading and watching the Grinch who stole Christmas She made her own funny Christmas tree.
I will be updating with more recent stuff soon.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


See now you can't shut me up. LOL

These last few months have been crazy but filled with a lot of fun too. We went on a field trip to Stop and Shop (thank you Danielle for planning it). We used the little workbook they gave us on nutrition for our health class. She has done an art class that Danielle ran and she had so much fun. It ended today, She went to a homeschool ice cream social for Valentines day. We continue to got to Mops, this is our lest session I should have stopped last year but they needed me to continue doing the creative activities.

Lets see we traveled back to North Carolina to meet the newest baby Evee my adorable granddaughter spent time with Mike and his family. Then we welcomed Nick home. Such a tearful joyous occasion. The look of pure joy on Nicks face when he saw use looking for him. Seeing them roll out the red carpet for our soldiers to walk down coming home to the waiting family. Spending time with Nick touching him. Just to be able to touch him. Samantha couldn't keep her hands off of him. She didn't want to let him go. So sweet she really missed her brother. (So did I)

We learned about St Patrick's Day and made a Leprachun trap. Sad to say we didn't catch any but they left chocolate coins around the house. :) I remember the year I covered the kitchen in tiny green foot prints boy was Sam freaked out. LOL. She learned about the potato being a main part of the Irish's diet. We are doing a experiment and it is NOT working. You know you try to get a potato to grow roots well ours wont! I have no trouble with them growing in the kitchen but try and do it for school not happening. She has a record book that she only wrote in for 1 day so far..... I can't have her write every day nothing happened.

So after the potato failed ( its still there waiting to see if it grows anything) we are trying to see what happens when you put food color in water and put a celery stalk in it. Thankfully that one has worked!!! She is learning how the water travels to all the leaves. She also put carrots in water and is waiting to see what happens. Only the top but not with leaves on it. We will see what happens. What should happen is roots will grow off it and leaves will grow from the top.

Today we read all about inventors and inventions and she had to draw what she thinks future phones might look like....hmmm not sure what she was trying to achieve.

We also do Five in a Row. Each week I choose from a list of books and we read it each day. Then we take information from the book. This week we are doing The Glorious Flight. doing this She has learned to write roman numerals 1-10, about making up for doing something wrong even when it was an accident, saying sorry. About inventions and how not to give up when they don't work at first. I am really loving this curriculum. Some people use it as their base. But we use it as extra fun. We both really enjoy it.

Pictures to come tomorrow!

A glimpse into the last few months....

Painting a snow scene using a cotton ball and marker.

Doing a winter themed math page
putting together a penguin
Learning about what makes a snowflake using my kindle.... a fun ebook I loaded onto my kindle for her.... using technology she loved it!
Making our own snowflake crystals
some more experimenting using baking soda, citric acid and gel crystals..
learning how ice melts using salt and putting food color on it to see how the salt creates holes in the ice as its melting

Samantha does music class at the public school. She was in a concert there and while waiting between shows they read the story Polar Express and then I picked her up before finishing the sequence cards. So they sent them home with her and expected her to turn it in. LOL She did.

Doing a fun lesson on Little House on the Prairie to go along with what we were learning in History about the colonial days We have a few of the easy reader Little House books.
Making a fire with marble art
Building her own log cabin with a little help from mom.... do you like her outfit?? She said this is the closet she has to looking like she was from that time in history.

Doing a drawing for Sketch Tuesdays on super hero's. Samantha wasn't sure what to draw because she really isn't into superhero's so she said I know I can draw my brothers they are hero's! Well it was much easier to draw one brother then both of them

We also did some fun grammar pages on what is a super hero, how can we be hero's and some mad libs on super hero's it was fun.

I avoided posting for a while

and I am not really sure why. Life has been on fast forward for months now. I really haven't had much time to breathe. Maybe that's why I haven't posted. I just haven't had the energy. Maybe its just been easier this way. But I keep feeling myself wanting to share what we are doing. What we have done and what we will do.

So in the last few months we have had many changes. Nick finally came home from Afghanistan. We are so excited about this. It took a lot off my mind. I could relax now. I could breathe a little more now. Samantha can stop her worrying. She was thrilled to get the letters from Nick every once in a while. She would get this happy look on her face. She hid them all in her room.

Samantha has a new niece who is absolutely adorable. We even got to spend some time with her. Samantha turned 7 and willingly postponed her celebration to just have her brother here for it.

We have had a few breaks from school work along the way. Due to our trip down south and Mike and his family 2 week visit to our house. We are back on track now. There are a few things we will finish early still like Spelling will be done about 3 weeks before the rest of out work will be. History will be done in 2 weeks depends on how long I draw the last 2 chapters out. Phonics seat work will be done about a month before the rest of our work. Math and Reading will be done right on time. Did I forget anything?

I am trying to slow that fast forward life down some. We need the break. We need the time to just be. I succeed in small amounts.

To make school work fun and interesting we do these little side trips in learning. We along with a few friends did a 5 day lesson on Autumn and Winter. Then I have done many fun little lessons on penguins, leprechauns, little house on the prairie, and so much more....