Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I avoided posting for a while

and I am not really sure why. Life has been on fast forward for months now. I really haven't had much time to breathe. Maybe that's why I haven't posted. I just haven't had the energy. Maybe its just been easier this way. But I keep feeling myself wanting to share what we are doing. What we have done and what we will do.

So in the last few months we have had many changes. Nick finally came home from Afghanistan. We are so excited about this. It took a lot off my mind. I could relax now. I could breathe a little more now. Samantha can stop her worrying. She was thrilled to get the letters from Nick every once in a while. She would get this happy look on her face. She hid them all in her room.

Samantha has a new niece who is absolutely adorable. We even got to spend some time with her. Samantha turned 7 and willingly postponed her celebration to just have her brother here for it.

We have had a few breaks from school work along the way. Due to our trip down south and Mike and his family 2 week visit to our house. We are back on track now. There are a few things we will finish early still like Spelling will be done about 3 weeks before the rest of out work will be. History will be done in 2 weeks depends on how long I draw the last 2 chapters out. Phonics seat work will be done about a month before the rest of our work. Math and Reading will be done right on time. Did I forget anything?

I am trying to slow that fast forward life down some. We need the break. We need the time to just be. I succeed in small amounts.

To make school work fun and interesting we do these little side trips in learning. We along with a few friends did a 5 day lesson on Autumn and Winter. Then I have done many fun little lessons on penguins, leprechauns, little house on the prairie, and so much more....

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