Tuesday, December 20, 2011

workboxes our style...

On a lot of homeschooling blogs others post about their workboxes. We we do our own style of this...

We use a tray when we paint or craft and that got me thinking.... then we were giving some gold serving trays and I thought some more... This might work for our own workboxes. Less space. When we are done I just stand them up against the heater. For my family who have no idea what I am talking about your supposed to put in each box all they need for that subject. They do all that is needed to complete that box. It works. Samantha eagerly goes through each tray excited to see what the next one holds...

So this day she had lots of fun along with learning her core lessons...

Some sensory play.. it helps her concentration to work a little with her hands before we start the lessons for the day. We do this in many different forms playdoh, sensory tray filled with beans and stuff to find in it, shaving cream play and much more...This day she used this weird modeling foam do make a snowman.

We then played a fun game called Trim the Tree. You roll the dice and decorate your tree according to the dice. The person who completes their tree first wins. This game helps with learning to follow directions.

Number and number word match up. Next time I need to make this harder for her.

Spelling words of the week. I had her write them and make a paper chain with them. She loved learning some of the Christmas words.

Syllable clapping. She has learned about syllables lately and this was a fun lesson how clapping them out and pasting the word in the right column. I catch her doing this often through out the day. I love when I see her using her learning in every day life.

Story time art time. We read together the story Santa's Favorite Story Its a cute story where Santa tells the animals the story of Christs birth. She then tried to create her own art work like the ones in the book. She did a great job.
Align Center

Science time. She is learning about living things and none living things.

Math and Phonics.. She is doing great in both. She loves to read but not the phonics books with out curriculum. But I am amazed at how well she reads.

She created this cute book called the very hungry reindeer. Its about the reindeer who is very hungry and is about to pull Santa's sleigh. Based on the story the very hungry caterpillar.

She enjoyed decorating the gingerbread house. She did most of it by herself! So if you haven't guessed yet we have been doing our work centered around Christmas. LOL more to come. We have done many lessons on Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas.

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