Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Has it really been a month since

I last blogged? Sorry for being gone so long. I have been so busy. We have been doing a lot of fun learning, traveling and just having fun. I will post about all we have been doing in the last month...... so sit back and enjoy the pictures and stories I have to share.....

We went to the playground and beach one fine day. The weather was holding around 50 degrees if not higher! We went to see what the beach would be like in late fall. Its nice with not much sign of life there besides the others who didn't want to let go of the fun beach times...

We also went to visit Mike in North Carolina. We had so much fun. We gave the kids our gifts we brought for them. We went to a parade... it lasted 2 hours! The people in the parade threw out candy for all the kids. It was fun. The time spent with my son and his family was a treasured moment. We were lucky to be able to tag along with my parents on the trip. Samantha thought I was so unfair making her homeschool on the road... in her words.. You never give me a day off. LOL The day we got home Daddy "forgot" that he had to school her while I was in work...She got her free day.

Here is some pictures from the trip North.

Well I will blog a little more on a different post about some more of the fun we have been having.

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