Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A glimpse into the last few months....

Painting a snow scene using a cotton ball and marker.

Doing a winter themed math page
putting together a penguin
Learning about what makes a snowflake using my kindle.... a fun ebook I loaded onto my kindle for her.... using technology she loved it!
Making our own snowflake crystals
some more experimenting using baking soda, citric acid and gel crystals..
learning how ice melts using salt and putting food color on it to see how the salt creates holes in the ice as its melting

Samantha does music class at the public school. She was in a concert there and while waiting between shows they read the story Polar Express and then I picked her up before finishing the sequence cards. So they sent them home with her and expected her to turn it in. LOL She did.

Doing a fun lesson on Little House on the Prairie to go along with what we were learning in History about the colonial days We have a few of the easy reader Little House books.
Making a fire with marble art
Building her own log cabin with a little help from mom.... do you like her outfit?? She said this is the closet she has to looking like she was from that time in history.

Doing a drawing for Sketch Tuesdays on super hero's. Samantha wasn't sure what to draw because she really isn't into superhero's so she said I know I can draw my brothers they are hero's! Well it was much easier to draw one brother then both of them

We also did some fun grammar pages on what is a super hero, how can we be hero's and some mad libs on super hero's it was fun.

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