Saturday, June 9, 2012

my top ten must have tools for homeschooling,

Ok I am stealing this idea from a few different blogs I visit... one of them is Raising little Rhodies.

Many people homeschool and there are many ways to do so. And as many of those there are there is just as many tools to use.  I find myself the thinking of what are the most needed for us....

The biggest need is prayer.  Without prayer and almost daily asking God to help me.... help me have patience, help me see the light at the end of the road, help me give her praise for what she did right not criticism for what she did wrong. help me make the right decisions help me not lock her in a closet.  ok only joking on that one. But seriously I need prayer to make it through.   Also prayer to give praise that I can homeschool my child, that my child is learning, that my child loves to learn, that my child is happy and loved, praise that I can teach my child and she actually learns from me.

The second biggest tool I use is flexibility. With my crazy schedule we had to learn to be flexible and not be held to a strict schedule.  Flexible to be able to do school work where ever we go.  Flexible with when we do school some days it happens as soon as we wake and other days we don't get going until 2 pm.  but that is our crazy life.  Flexible in with what we let go and what we keep. I didn't get to do all I wanted this school year. But she did complete first grade and then some.  But some of the fun projects and field trips just couldn't happen.  There is that flexible thing I need to have.

Support. Homeschooling isn't an easy choice. Its going against the norm. So finding support is a big help in your own self esteem as a parent and a teacher.  I love being able to talk to Danielle at church about homeschooling!  I love being able to talk to my homeschooling friends when I need that boost or advice.  Joining a homeschool group is a big support too I have found valuable information from all those wonderful ladies.

Many erasers.  Don't laugh yes we need as many as we can find. Samantha has this weird oral thing... she bites off her erasers. I can't find a pencil with any on them. I find myself buying erasers at the dollar store often.  I really haven't found a way to stop her.... but as she is maturing she doing it less.  

Kindle/ ipod
Kindle/ ipod. I wish we had an ipad they have so many cool apps for learning. But I am finding many free books for my kindle. Her ipod has many fun educational apps too. I just installed a fun grammar and spelling app.  Plus I have my kindle downloaded onto her ipod and she can read books on it. She has already read many of the free books for her reading time.

Binders. just like a friend of mine Danielle loves them I do too. I find it so much easier to put her work in a binder then to leave them in the workbooks. So as soon as I receive the curriculum in the mail I take them apart and load them all into a binder one for each workbook.  Makes the class space look nicer. Easier to pull out what I need at the moment. Easier for Samantha too.

Art Supplies
Art Supplies. Samantha loves being creative. I like trying to find projects for her to do that tie in with her work.  This year for History she made many fun things.  She learned about the tower of babel and she made one. We learned about living int he colonial days she made a log cabin.  She learned about creation and she made her own paper mache globe.  Our list goes on.  As she is making each art project she is asking questions and learning... so to me a good amount of art supplies is needed.  Along with this will also be recycled stuff we use many boxes, containers and toilet paper rolls to accomplish all we need.

Youtube/ netflix
Youtube/ netflix. I haven't used them as much as I would have liked too. But we did access many good videos or movies through them. Like school house rock and the animaniacs.

White boards/ dry erase markers
White boards/ dry erase markers/crayons.  We used them for many things... practice cursive, to play hangman using her spelling words, to write notes.  Dry erase markers were used for so much more then the white boards. Like spelling tests on the windows or mirrors.  Drawing pictures on window.  Or some of the games we have needed them to be able to be used over and over again.

My printer. This year it was used all the time. I found I didn't like our language arts program. So I accessed many online sites pay and free for work to use with her.  Thus my printer came in handy.  I purchased many worksheets for free or for money from places like currclickteachers pay teachersThe teachers storethe mailbox and many other resources.  Most were free.  Some were paid for. Most were very helpful in this school years learning.  If you join teachers pay teachers they will send you a weekly email with 10 free downloads for a verity of grades.

Wow when I started this list I didn't think I would be able to list 10 things but I actually can list more.  How can I forget to add my camera!  without it I wouldn't be able to post all we have done.   I hope you enjoyed our list.

Coming soon....... Samantha's top 10 reasons she loves homeschooling.

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