Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fun days...

I wish I would have taken more pictures of our last few days. But I didn't.

We have continued with our study on rainbows. She learned about how the color reflects or absorbs the colors.  Yesterday she learned how the color black will absorbs the heat from the sun and white will reflect it.  That was a fun experiment.  She was wrong on her hypothesis but she loved learning the correct answer.

We played some fun learning games.... rolled the dice and see who could add them up faster, I had to close my eyes for 5 seconds to give her a change. Make a complete sentence game board. the mystery number place game.  Its been fun learning.  

Yesterday I taught Samantha about 9/11. I had a very child friendly lesson on this.  But it still made her very emotional.  She cried easy yesterday. We talked about how this event changed many lives.  How it even effected the people who didn't know any of the people who lost their lives that day.  Mike and Nick were 13 and 10 and going to a candle light vigil they both decided that one day when they grow up they would go into the army and go and fight the very people who brought war to our soil. She then had to think of anyone she thought was a hero in her family and draw their picture.  It is a very cute picture of her with her brothers. She put they are her hero's because they went into the army. 

I purchased a child's weaving kit.  She learned very quickly how to weave and she is making not a pot holder but a blanket for her barbie dolls.  
here it is the science experiment success picture..... (check out the post from a few days ago.)
I found this cute page on the internet.  to make her own color and explain it.  went along great with our rainbow study...

She is a child a few written words. She hates to write. We are working on this. She will write as little as possible to get by.  I often wonder if its due to her sloppy handwriting that its not enjoyable.  Or her perfectionist nature that she doesn't like to misspell words? 

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