Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Slow day....

This title is deceiving. Today was a very busy and crazy day...

It started out with me going to work and Sam going to her grandmothers.
Once out of work I talked with my mother-in-law longer then planned.
We got home and got into school work.
Then we had to stop to run to the library before we had over due fines.
Then off to dance class. I gave in and she is taking dance. But not as many as before.
We ate supper in the car.
Came home to relax for a short time then it was bedtime for Samantha.

So maybe the title is just meaning it was a slow day for learning?
I feel like we didn't accomplish all I wanted to but she did get some learning throughout the day.
She did a sheet on the subject part of a sentence.
Did spelling, She knows them all but one word
Ended with Math when I realized how late it was and ran off to the library.

Math time she did a kitfractions page.  She decorated a kite then wrote out the fractions for it. Ok here is a picture to make my explanation make sense....
So she had to write out the fractions for all the colored squares.  She enjoyed this type of learning. 

Somehow our theme this week along with rainbows is kites. I see kites all over our pages from phonics sheets to social studies.  Its fun. At the library we picked up a few books one you guess it is on kites. So hopefully this week we will wrap up the rainbow study and move onto the Soaring into flight kit. Lets keep the theme going a little bit longer.  


happy's mommy said...

That fraction kite is adorable!


Jen said...

Samantha seems to enjoy and learn more from that type of math papers over the worksheets... Not that she doesn't do the worksheets each day. But when I can find a fun way for her to learn a math concept and remember it I go for it. More of a hands on learning for her.