Monday, September 24, 2012

International Homeschool Spirit Week...

So this week is International Homeschool Spirit Week. You can find out more about this here Homeschool Spirit Week.

Each day has a theme.  We didn't get to do today's theme.  Homeschool away from home.  We were just too busy trying to get all things in today.  But Samantha did get to pick a mascot and make a homeschool banner. Our Mascot is Jingelette.  Samantha's husky stuffed dog.  She said she made the perfect mascot. So she will sit in class with us all the time.  Kind of like a book buddy.  Our school colors are red, gray and white.   Our school name is Mathias Homeschool, MH. I know so original.

Here is the line of up the days...
  1. Monday- Homeschool away from home day
  2. Tuesday- Comfy Cozy Day
  3. Wednesday- Crazy sock day
  4. Thursday- Mismatch Day
  5. Friday- Twins Day. 
Since Samantha doesn't have any siblings homeschooling with her I will be the one participating with her.  So wish me luck as I go out into the world dressed crazy!  But its all fun.

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