Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meeting with the principal.

I had my beginning of the school year meeting with the principal.  It went fine.  I showed up not nervous like I was last time.  I handed over my list of this years curriculum and resources.  She was impressed with all I have planned.  She wasn't too happy with our spelling. Said it didn't contain high frequency words and it should.  But over all she signed off on another year of home educating.  The Vice Principal suggested Samantha take computers at the school along with music. So like the crazy person I am... not that I don't have enough on my plate already I said YES. So twice a week I rush around like a mad women to get my daughter there on time.  Then I get 43 minutes to myself!  Yes a whole 43 minutes to do anything I please. Not that I can really get much done in that time. I usually come home and go on facebook or read a book.

All the kids remember Samantha and were excited she was back in class with them.  They all greeted her excitedly.  What fun for Samantha.

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