Monday, October 15, 2012

Five in a Row... Clown Of God.

Last week the book we rowed is called  Clown Of God.  We both really enjoyed this book.  It sparked some interesting conversations.

One interesting thing from the book.... In the beginning of the book Giovanni would juggle vegetables for his bread. The couple who owned the market that would give him a bowl of soup for his juggling was Senior and Senora Baptista.  Baptista is my maiden name.  Samantha thought that was amazing.  

From this book Samantha learned about homeless children, the Renaissance time period and its art, clothing and way of life, elderly people, about monks and monasteries  We worked on reading comprehension, what a balanced story is, repetition in a story and contrast in writing.  She learned about how even as poor as he was he was thankful he had this wonderful skill of juggling that could earn him his food.  Talked about gravity and that is what made the balls fall to the ground when he dropped the son of the heavens ball.

Some interesting things we did, We read up on Michelangelo and what his life was like, what kind of art he did and some of his famous works of art.  She learned about how he painted the ceiling in the Sistine chapel  I had her paint a picture like Michelangelo painted the ceiling. I taped a paper under the table and let her paint it that way. She spent a little time trying to figure out an easy way to do it so her arm wouldn't start hurting.  

Some pictures from the week...
painting under the table
 Her finished work of art
art water color with sequencing. with water color and ink. 

 Fun way to do vocabulary... She had to first match up the word with the definition then cut out pictures in a magazine to show she understood the meaning of the word.  
We are both sad to say good-bye to this wonderful book.... we started our newest FIAR book.... Papa Piccolo 

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