Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Great day of homeschooling...

Today was a great day.  Homeschooling went smoothly. She even cleaned up her messes in the living room without too much of a fuss. She tried on some pants to see what fits.  We got through so much work.  It was a great day!

To start the day she went ice skating at the Portsmouth Abby.  They open the rink to homeschoolers for free every Tuesday.  We love it. Samantha loves to skate.  Today she fell and hurt her face. But she was a trooper she went back out on the ice once she was done crying. She is sporting a nice cut on her face.  But besides that she did awesome.

We even read further in her history then planned as she wanted to find out what happens next.  The history I picked for this year is 2 books that read like a story.  The book we are reading now is all about the the first settlers to our country.  About the different people who settled different areas in our country.  So it reads like a story with the children being the main characters in the story.  The facts are all real.  She loves it.  She would devour the whole story that is made up of 4 chapters/lessons in one day.  We always end up doing a craft to go along with the story.  But since she insisted on finishing so quickly the craft will come tomorrow when I am more prepared.

Started a new book for FIAR.  Papa Piccolo.  The story is much different then I expect.  Its a good surprise.  Samantha really enjoyed this book.   I will post more about this at a later date.

For science we were talking about living things.  She then had to create her own "new" living creature.  It could have been anything an animal or plant.  Just from her imagination. She then has to explain how it gets its food, water. movement and how it reacts.  She of course made a new type of cat.  Then went on to make its food and water and surroundings all out of air dry clay I can't wait to see what the finished product will look like.

Tonight going off to bed Samantha was coughing a lot. I hope its just allergies and not a cold.  Praying she will be fine in the morning.

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