Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fun while learning....

So there has been many things that we have done in the last week or so.  I will post about our Five In A Row time tomorrow.

We started a new science kit.. This one is all about flight... how air pressure helps you fly.  So her first experiment was... what will happen when you suck out all the juice from a juice box and keep on sucking. Her hypothesis was nothing.... but she learned that the sides collapsed due to the air pressure. taking the air out of the box making the air pressure on the outside stronger as it pushed on the sides to fill that space.

I then found this great idea to practice math.  Each ghost has a number on it and she had to match them to the right addition problem. I have been making new ones each day for her to complete.  She loves it. 

The last week was a busy week with one day off.  We went along with the public school and took off Columbus day.  She has gotten very independent with some of her work.  I can now leave things for her to do like math, phonics, spelling pages and cursive for her to complete without me being in the room with her or while I am at work.  I don't leave her anything new.  Just work that if it gets done while I am not home or doing something will free up some time to get in the fun hands on learning.  

Last week we had fun with our Five In A Row Curriculum.  We did the story The Clown of God. It was a very good book that she learned many new things from.  I will post all about that tomorrow.    

Samantha was very excited about scoring her first goal in field hockey tonight.  So exciting!

Samantha is also so excited about her first father daughter dance coming up in a couple of weeks.  I bet they are going to have so much fun!  

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