Thursday, October 4, 2012

Traveling Buddies

Samantha is participating in a group called Traveling Buddies.

We sent out Samantha's stuff bear named Star to another family.  Along with Star we sent a description of what its like to live in Massachusetts.  What Samantha's life is like.  What are some important places and things of Ma.  

In return we will be hosting each week for the next 31 or so weeks many other homeschool families stuff animal.  All the while learning about their state. Taking their stuff animal to our activities and then mailing it off to the family next on the list.  Its a fun project.  

Last year I purchased a curriculum from Confessions of a homeschooler called Road Trip USA.  This will  be the perfect time to get it out and use it.  So each week as we receive the stuff animal we will study the state it comes from.  

I will post more as the weeks go along.  

Samantha was a little sad that rainy day as we sent Star off to the family in ND for his adventure.  But we just got word that Star has arrived safely in ND and the host family is taking wonderful care of him. 
Here is Samantha saying goodbye to Star at the post office 

For those of you who really know my child you will understand how proud I am of Samantha letting go of a stuff animal. Even knowing its coming back was hard for her. But she did it!  Samantha must have 100 stuff animals in her room.  I have tried to get rid of some.  But that is one of her obsessions.  So we just accept the fact that we are over run with stuff animals.  

This is why I love homeschooling so much. It gives her many opportunities to grow outside the box. To grow at her speed.  

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