Thursday, October 4, 2012

I signed Samantha up for a once a month class at the Museum of Natural History in Providence.  Each month its a different topic.

This month it was on animal communication.  I took Samantha and my friend Danielle's 2 children. They had so much fun and learned a lot.

When we arrived the kids did a scavenger hunt looking for the answers to the questions on the paper they were handed.

Then onto our class.  Animals communicate so many different ways. Some were really shocking to what category they ended up in.  Did you know that scientist use the behavior of elephants to predict an earthquake?  Its due to their behavior.

Next month we will be forces and motion.  I love that I can actually plan some of our science around this class.  We have been talking in Science about animals and their habitats living and non living things and how they respond. Next month I will move onto forces and motion.  In between we have been doing our science kits.

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