Tuesday, November 17, 2009

wow its already fall.....

It was a long and crazy summer, I can't believe its already November! This summer we took a few vacations to visit the boys. First we were off to Georgia to see Mike graduate from basic training. We traveled with my parents, Kyrstie and Selena in my parents RV. Before we picked up Kyrstie and Selena in SC we stopped in PA. We went to Zoo America and the Hershey factory. Samantha had so much fun.

Then we were off to WA to see Mike and his family in their new place. This was Samantha's first time flying. She loved it! Mike is stationed in WA. They live in Tacoma. We had fun there. We went to Point Defiance Zoo, Seattle, shopping and the Seattle Aquarium. We went to see Mike before he was deployed to Iraq. It was a bittersweet visit. .... I can't find the pictures from this trip on my computer so once I do find them I will post them.

During this Summer my Memere passed away and Samantha learned more about death, dying and heaven. She learned about nursing homes and sick people and missing the ones you love. She still tells me often that she misses her Memere. Some pictures of my grandmother to honor her memory.

We also said good bye to Nick as he went off to the army. Sam misses her brother alot. We then went to KY to see Nick graduate from basic training. It was hot there! On the way there again traveling with my parents in their Rv we went to a zoo in Ohio and one in KY. One of the best things I ever purchased was my membership to Buttonwood Zoo I have used my pass to get into all the zoo's free during our travels this summer. Samantha enjoyed all this traveling.

So now we are settled in this fall with learning our abc's and maybe learning to read a little. She is doing math, science, history, art and much more. Its amazing how much learning you do each day without even realizing it. We are doing a mix of prek and kindergarten work. She has such a curious mind. She asks questions that sometimes I don't know the answer or how to answer. Thankfully we have the internet and I can look up anything that I am not sure on. Like recently she want to know what a turtle ate. Not a big question but an interesting answer... some eat meat and others eat plants. We have fun on this little side trips of knowledge. Its fun to explore what your interested in. She wanted to know what an anteater looks like and boy did we find so many funny stories and pictures of them on the internet. Don't think I want one in my home anytime soon they can reek havoc in your home very quickly looking for trouble. LOL

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