Friday, February 1, 2013


Ok I know its been a while since I posted over a month Sorry.  I get in these funks where i post all the time. Then I stop and forget about it. Sometimes its more the accessibility of the computer.  When Nick was here all month in Dec I couldn't get on the spare computer. Nick was sleeping in Samantha's room so she was banned to the school room to sleep on the sofa in there.  Yes she felt she was banned and it was unfair.  Not that she couldn't go into her room anytime she wanted to get her stuff. The school room is where the computer is.  So it sat there all month long untouched by me.  Only Sam went on it.  When I have the time she was in there sleeping or trying to sleep.  Steve kind of hogs the other computer.  Don't deny it Steve its true.  But I love you anyway.  Plus with Nick here we spent a lot of time just talking. I rather do that then blog any day.

Then comes January and we have been so busy yet not.  I know that's a wishy washy response right.  Most of her activities ended in Dec and started back up just this week so we had many nights home.  How nice it is to be just home.  But we have been crafting and enjoying some down time.  We have had activities during the day.  But at night we have been just being a family.

Then there is the picture problem.  Bought a new camera since mine died on a trip to Santa's village. Got only 2 pictures from that trip.  The quality of my phone doesn't cut it.  I downloaded the camera's program onto Steve's computer and they just wont leave the camera. LOL I can't get them to go onto the computer.  So without pictures how can I show you all we were doing? So hopefully I will be able to figure it all out and get the pictures up soon.

So here is a big sorry from me to all who follow our journey.  Thank you again Muriel for the math practice books they have been a big help.

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