Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First Day of Fifth Grade

First let me say.... "Where has the time gone" My baby my last born is 10 years old and is in the fifth grade.  :(  Time really does fly. 

Today we started school.  

It started with my daughter waking me up to start school bright and VERY early in the morning.  (a little secret here I am NOT a morning person) 

I hid her new school treasures, new pencils with inspirational messages on them, a no tangle hair brush, cute dry erase board, temporary hair colors to brush in, dental floss (and yes she loved it), a little fashion drawing book, erasers and a notebook.  I then give her a hint and she has to go find the item.  Its fun.  

We did math, We started a new math this year and today went smoothly.  I am trying Oak Meadow Math Grade 5.  It was review but she didn't seem to mind copying the problems out of the book into her notebook and doing them.  This year is different they don't do daily lessons like the old curriculum but each set of lessons is for a week.  I gave her the options of me assigning them each day or she can control what she does each day as long as she gets each weeks lesson done by Friday.  She chose to do it all on her own.  

We went out to IHOP for brunch.  She enjoyed it.  Our waitress asked if today was a special day because she was wearing a crown.  So I told her yes its our first day back to homeschool day.  She thought it was awesome.  

We came home and finished out the school day.  She did science and history.  Then she did her grammar.  I had her do a review paper to see what she remembered she got it all correct.  I am thrilled.  I was wondering how much she remembered from last year.  She also did some geography map work.  She loved making her own map.  We didn't do spelling as I was waiting for it to come in.... it came in late this afternoon.  So I plan on starting it next week. 

Then we moved onto Five In A Row.  We are doing the book Albert  

1 day done 179 days to go!

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