Saturday, February 6, 2016

mid year change in curriculum.

So we started off with some curriculum we wanted to try.  But some of it wasn't working.

Science-  I started with Oak Meadow for science along with Heart of Dakota science.  Right after school started Samantha started taking a science class at a friends house and she enjoys it.  So I decided to just have her do the science in Five in a Row and read the science readings from HOD at home.  There was nothing wrong with Oak Meadows science.  But I didn't have the teachers guide for the extra information and a lot that was in there Samantha had already done before with FIAR and HOD.

Math- We started with Oak Meadow and it was going great until we hit the division part.  She has done division before but needs more practice on it. I like the approach that Oak Meadow but there isn't enough practice with it.  I needed something that would actually teach her more.  I tried online videos. Nope didn't help. So I searched out what I used long ago when teaching her addition.  Math Mammoth.  I went with their blue series.  It teaches by subject and not the spiral method.  Almost done with the division part and will move forward from there.  I feel like I finally found what works for Samantha.  The Blue Series doesn't use common core and I like that. I don't want to teach her common core unless I have to.  As of now I don't.

Spelling-  I wasn't sure what we were going to use.  Spelling is her weak subject.  We likes Spelling You See last year. So we decided to go with the same method using copy work to teach spelling.

I don't like jumping from curriculum to curriculum, but there are times you need to  switch things up.  To find what works.  

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