Friday, May 29, 2009

Ok so I haven't kept up with the blog that much...

So I will try really hard to keep on posting. Problem is I have limited time on the computer. I try not to be on for long periods when Sam is awake and when I try to go on once she is sleeping usually Steve is on. So then we both want to use it and we have to share the time.

This drives me crazy....... when adults think what a child has to say is not important. Example.. today at work Sam was talking to me telling me about something she was coloring. So my client just starts talking to me while Sam is still talking. She knew Sam was talking. This sends such a message that what she has to say isn't important. So I finish my conversation with Sam. Then turn to my client to hear what she has to say. I try hard to teach Sam to wait her turn and interrupting isn't nice. But how will she get the message if adults do this all the time. This isn't the first time this has happened. Sam was at a persons house visiting and she was talking to another child and again an adult just talks over her when he knew she was talking. She turned to him and said I was talking. He got very upset and said she was being fresh. Sorry but why is what she has to say so unimportant??? Is this what our children learn when this happens? I see it happen with other kids not just Sam so what message does this send to our children? Ok enough of a vent. Just had to put this out there as it really bugs me. Maybe I am wrong but why is it that it is ok for an adult to do this but when a child does this its considered rude?

She does this every day. She learns. She has so many questions. She thirsts for knowledge. She wants to know why things happen, how they work and why something is.

We have continued to work with numbers. Somewhat a review as I bought a new book what every preschooler should know and I want to reinforce how to write her numbers. Although she finds this book a little boring as its mostly review for now but she does love to do school work. Also its not in color. It has them color the pictures on each page and she is not into coloring right now. She will scribble. She loves to paint and draw but give her a crayon and unless she really wants to color she scribbles. She has done a lot of work with sequences, patterns, numbers, simple addition, spelling her name, rhyming words, beginning sounds, mazes, shapes, colors, cutting and much more. She does write a lot of her numbers backwards and then writes them right too. I have read its common for a young child to do so.

In God's World and Me book she was working on emotions and we have moved onto our 5 Senses. She caught onto this quickly. We are working on Touch right now. It was fun I got a bag and filled it with different things and asked her to identify the object through only feeling them. Only using her sense of touch was fun. I am going to try and find something in braille and talk about how blind people read. We did a texture page and she had so much fun with this one.

We also are working on a nature alphabet. On another blog I happen to stumble on this family went around and took pictures of nature in that resembles letters. When we complete this I will post all our pictures here. She is having fun looking everywhere for letters. For example an acorn cap is the letter O. Here is one example of it. ..

Can you guess what it is???? Its the letter U we originally thought it would make a good W but we found a better W and will use this as a U since the outer limbs form the U

Ok so I will do better from now on updating this blog. Updating on all Sam is doing and learning.

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