Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Earth! School work

Samantha has been asking a lot of questions about our earth lately. Why do we have day and the other people have night? How does that happen? How does the earth spin? Where is the sun and moon? Things like this. So I set out to find a book with answers that are her level of understanding. I found one at the bookstore called What makes Day and night. I also wanted some kind of craft to do with this. Well the one I was looking for has been recalled, no wonder why I couldn't find it. Something to do with lead paint. Anyway. I read the book she really seemed to understand what I was saying. She notices a lot too. She looked at pictures of the earth, she commented that there is so much water everywhere. I pointed out where we live and she was so excited to make it look like it was daytime for us with our made crafts. We made the earth out of a styrofoam ball and the sun was a pom pom. So I demonstrated when we have day and night. She did an awesome job of making the earth. Then she wasn't ready to be done with painting so she made a big picture of the earth and sun. Its amazing how quickly she learns something. Today was a real fun day. We played at the playground, outside on the sidewalk tracing our shadows, and then inside to do some more learning. We worked from one of our work books talking about families and how you help each other out. Lots of fun learning today. Samantha has been watching some of the flowers in our yard grow and every day she will comment if it has grown or not. Next I need to find a book or some resources to show her why the moon doesn't always look like a ball. That is one of the questions that didn't get answered in the book. I tried to explain but I think she will get it more if I show her pictures. Off to search the internet!

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