Monday, March 2, 2009


My sister brought up about the standardize testing. How a home school group her pastors wife is a part of is trying to get someone to come and give the kids the the mcas test. I heard on the radio that Massachusetts is trying to push a bill to add more subjects to those test. I for one am totally against those tests. I am glad that as a homeschooler in MA Samantha wont have to take those tests. As of right now its optional for children who are home schooled and private schools. I was against them when the boys took them as many of their teachers were too! How can intelligent people actually believe this is a test of a child's true knowledge is beyond me. There are many faults with this test. With any standard testing. Some kids don't test well. I have 2 who don't test well at all. Mike is an average student and he did horrible on those tests. Had to take the last one twice. Nick who is very smart only scores average on them. Nicks teachers tell me the work they have for him in school isn't hard enough for Nick, it doesn't' challenge Nick. They wish they had more for him but they don't. One teacher said Nick would be a good candidate for self learning out of the school environment. But on this test he doesn't do well at all. For weeks before he would stress out over them as so much pressure is put on the kids about this test. For Nick stress equals to canker sores over his whole mouth. For Mike I am not to sure if he ever really stressed out about it. Now one of the boys friend is a smart person, Maybe did average in school. Well you want to know how he passed the test??? By not reading it and just guessing on the whole thing. He passed in the top 5% of the whole state. Now how is that even accurate???
So I ask you why do these tests matter so much??? How can they even use them in an objective manor?
So for Samantha unless they become mandatory for a homeschooler or she wants to take them I wont have her do them. Lucky her!!!

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