Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun time learning.

Today I was watching a tv show one of those wife swapping ones. It featured a home school family and a workaholic family. Well the workaholic father couldn't understand how the kids could learn while having fun. Now we are talking about children who were only 5 and 6 I believe. It got me thinking why can't kids have fun while learning. With Samantha I try to make it fun heck she is only a 4 yo. Why wouldn't learning be fun. But really there are so many learning styles and not every kid learns the same way. So many different ways to learn something. A person learns even if they are not doing book work. So why can't a child learn by doing both? As long as there is a balance between book work and life learning the child is learning everything she needs to. I have been doing a lot of researching into homeschooling and learning in general. I know that in our home school journey I want Samantha to enjoy learning, I want her to have a love of learning a thirst for learning. Really in life we never stop learning. But the desire can be squashed. Learning is life. Why not make it something exciting for the child.
If you ask Samantha if she likes homeschooling she will tell you she loves it. She is proud to say she is home schooled. She is funny she will tell a stranger that she home schools before I can even say anything. We were at Donkin Donuts one day and this older man asked if she goes to preschool. Samantha right away said NO I home school. He just looked at me. So I said yes we home school. He said that's nice. That was it. But she is so funny about it. She loves learning right now and I hope we can keep that love. When I was a kid I loved learning but somewhere along the way I started to hate it, well maybe not the learning itself but school. I know it happened sometime in third or fourth grade and that is young. I didn't find that love again until college.
We have been working on her numbers some more and doing some of the Boz God's world book. We have been doing some water colors and other crafts. She made a placemat for herself to teach her how to set the table. So we have been working on some life skills. She has a chore chart now and is really loving it. She can't wait to do her chore to get a sticker on her chart.We have been doing the Amish friendship bread. We already made one loaf and she helped me everyday mix the started. Then she helped me measure add the ingredients.
Next I have a lesson to start this month about Easter that includes things like working with numbers, shapes, animals, drawing, life skills and of course about Jesus. It will take a couple of weeks so we should be starting that in 2 weeks.

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