Friday, March 26, 2010

Decisions, learning about God and herself, working on her letters and numbers more

Before we know it and it will be the summer again. Time soon to order our curriculum for the fall. I am trying to decided what I want to use with Samantha. I have a few recommendations from friends who homeschool. I am trying to decided between, Abeka, Horizon's, my fathers world and 5 in a row. They all are excellent curriculum's. They all teach what your child will need to know but with a different approach. Abeka and Horizon's is all workbooks. My father's world and 5 in a row is more hands on. I am not sure what to pick. I hope I make it to the home school convention so I can pick out what I want. It will be nice to pick up with curriculum and look at it. Easier to decided then a few samples on the internet.

Samantha is amazing. She keeps on trying to learn to read. She will try and sound out words all the time. Just today she was trying to sound out ladder. Funny she kept saying the d's were t's. But she did get the rest of the letters. Oh what a stubborn child she is. We have been working on writing letters some more and reviewing numbers 1-10. She is ready for more. We have been talking about Easter and what it means.

We also started a new bible devotion. She really enjoys it. I think its one of the best preschooler devotion's I have read with her so far. It's called God and Me! Devotions for Girls. Its filled with stories and activities that teachers her how to walk with God. It teachers girls how to be good friends, being fair, being sorry when you do wrong, to keep trying, self-control, Easter, Joy, being thoughtful,inner beauty and so much more.

Well off to discover more learning and fun with my little girl!

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