Friday, March 19, 2010

when the teacher becomes the student...

Often when we are out people will ask Samantha how old she is. She is always ready with "I'm five" holding out her hand showing 5 fingers. So cute. She really can be such an adorable kid. So after telling her age most will ask me if she is in school. I usually just say no and don't elaborate on that. If asked I might have said she just turned 5. Well not Samantha. She is proud that she is home schooled. She is excited to tell all who ask her about homeschooling from a 5 year olds point of view. Besides some concerns of family members most people we meet seem curious about it. some just say that's nice others will ask many questions. So far I only met one person who responded negatively and that was a doctor who couldn't think outside the box, even with his treatments he couldn't think beyond the normal. One mom I recently met while walking along the waterfront with Samantha was really interested in what we do. She isn't happy about the schools here. She said its too bad that she has to work full time or she would try home schooling herself. So I became the student while my daughter taught me to hold my head high and be proud of who we are. We are a home schooling family. We are happy with our life style. We Thank God that we have this opportunity to do this. So if we are to go forward and do our little bit to change the world I will follow my daughter example and be happy with who we are and tell who ever asks why she is with me during the day and not in school.
Funny though she is in school..... she learns through out the day many different subjects when we are out in the world interacting with it. As the worker at Papa Gino's said to Samantha today when she was asked how old and do you go to school. Samantha said "No I don't go to school, and I home school" The girl looked at Sam and said "yes your are in school... if your home schooled the world is your school!" Samantha loved that she said that to her.

If you don't see a post from me for a week or so its because we are in the process of switching to a different internet provider and I think they got the dates wrong when to shut us off. There was supposed to be a few days where we would have both. But I don't think so we are still waiting for the equipment to get here. I will keep you posted. We have a few fun things planned with all this nice weather.


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