Sunday, May 9, 2010

I think I made up my mind.... maybe.....

Fall Curriculum.... the catalogs are all coming in now. I have gone online and ordered a catalog from all the companies that I thought I might like to use. I do think I have it narrowed down. I am leaning towards My Fathers World with some supplementing in history. There is this adorable history book for kindergartners. Its showing them history through a child's eyes about her age. I am excited about starting the new year... yet I am not wanting the summer to be over quickly as we have many fun things planned and its not even the end of spring yet!
My fathers world is a more hands on approach to learning. If I buy the deluxe program it comes with a caterpillar habitat to watch then grow into butterflies. An ant home. And lots more fun hands on learning.

Samantha was looking at the catalogs with me and she seems excited about the things she saw in My Fathers World.

One concern I have is we have been doing kindergarten work and a lot of the curriculum I have looked at will be a lot of reviewing for the first half of the year for her. I know review work isn't bad but when we have been doing this work now for 1 1/2 years it might be too much review for her. I think with My Fathers World the work will be exciting and fun enough that even though its review she wont get bored with it.

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