Sunday, May 2, 2010

So Mommy how do snails have babies???

That was the question she asked me last night. I was stumped I had no idea how they had babies. Well the answer to that question is they lay eggs. But one kind of snail does give live birth. LOL While outside at my sisters house Samantha and Julie were playing in the hard and found about 20 snails. Snails of all sizes. She loved the tiny baby snails. Samantha wanted to take a few of them home. Maybe one day soon we will end up with some snails but for now NO. She wants to know about about snails. So this week we might end up learning some interesting facts about them. Did you know some snails can reproduce by themselves but others have to have a mate? That might be a little to much information for a 5 year old though. LOL Well off to learn more about slimy snails!

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