Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We have been doing school work through out the summer. Trying to finish up the alphabet. She knows all her letters but I wanted to complete the work sheets on them. She loves doing school work but tires quickly doing the work sheets. Good thing I and opting for a more hands on learning. Well more of a mixture of hands on and book work.

And that brings me to curriculum.... I think I finally got it.....

Math we will be going with Singapore Math. I really like the reviews I read on this one and the samples of it. But until the math curriculum comes in we will be using the math work book called... Everything your kindergarten should know. Just to keep her working on Math. She has been so curious about math even asking me about negative numbers.

Reading I am using a program on the internet called Starfall. With Starfall your able to print out worksheets and little books to go along with the computer work. She has already read one phonics minibook after a few lessons on the computer. She seems to do really good with the online phonics then going to the worksheet.

Science I will be using a Singapore science book. And supplementing with some books we have on our body, our heart, the weather and plants and the 5 senses.

History I will be using the book History for little Pilgrims.

Bible we will be using God and Me a devotional for girls. We have really enjoyed the work we have done in it already. Very practical for little girls.

I hope to be able to do many field trips to places like an art museum, the butterfly zoo, the science museum and so much more. I would like to make her learning as enjoyable as I can. She seems to have a love for learning and I want to keep her loving it.

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