Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Where do I begin???

I haven't posted in forever! SORRY. We just learned the sign for sorry today and if you could see me I would be doing that.

We had an awesome day of homeschooling today. I love days like this. After story hour at the library we came home to play for a while. Then we got down to work. Oh and it doesn't matter if its a day that I am not working or a day that I do we don't seem to get down to work until at least 1:30 or later. Thankfully it doesn't take to long to school a kindergartner.

Sam has been working on addition. I have tried to get her to realize if you using the counting blocks that if its 6 + 5 you don't need to count out the 6 then the 5 then count them all. You just have to count starting at 6 then continue counting the next 5 blocks. Today I didn't even bother and there she goes she starts to count the first set of blocks stops herself and says WAIT I can just start at 6 then count the next 5. LOL She was sooo thrilled with herself. We are working on addition being memorized but some of it is and the rest will come in time.

So we are half way through the school year. She has learned a lot. We breezed through the Kindergarten work I got for her so we moved onto first grade work. But now that leads me to a problem... what do I buy for next year? First grade or Second? Well I guess I do have time to figure that one out.

Today we did our phonics and she loves to read to me. She is trying harder and harder words. I am so proud of her. She loves doing word searches which reinforces spelling. She has to keep repeating the spelling of the word to search for it.
Then we moved onto Math Like I posted above she did awesome and went right through it. We were on a roll.

next we moved onto learning some sign language. As a baby and toddler we did sign language and would use it to communicate but she had such a large vocabulary she would sign and say the word it was cute. She remembers some of them so we are trying to learn more.

We then moved onto some fun craft time. we use these packing peanut type things I bought at Benny's. They are called enviroblox. We have been reading the little house on the prairie books and she loves them... so we built a log cabin together and she made 2 people to go with it...The cool thing about these blocks is the clean up... we do a lot of crafts and school paper work that all end up in the recycle bin or the trash. I can't save it all right??? Well when we get sick of looking at this or it falls apart we just run it under water and it dissolves! So of course we had to try that out. LOL it really does.

and finally we did some bible learning. I have these cards that teach little facts about the bible.... so we learned today that kids in the bible times didn't learn at school. You guessed it they learned at home by their parents and if you were a boy you then would go on when your older and be taught by a teacher in a public setting but not a school like we have today. That the children learned things like... manors, about God, about God's laws, and music. Then we learned about making bread of that time... So I got out the flour, yeast and some water and we tried making some pita bread. They tasted good BUT well they didn't look like and their texture wasn't anything like it should have been. But it was fun kneading the dough and shaping the breads. Samantha loved them. Maybe next time I will make sure I buy new yeast the expiration date was 6/2010 I didn't know this until I went to through out the package.

Ok pictures to follow this post. I will try my hardest to update this at least weekly. Its a fun record of all we do if I keep it up.

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