Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Its funny I was just reading some of my posts. They crack me up. I keep stressing about curriculum. So I have decided that I will stop stressing about it. Things will work out. She has learned so much this year without an official curriculum. So why worry. :)

Our homeschool year so far in pictures

Swim class. Samantha really enjoys this. She does it during the school year.

We went on a field trip with our Mops homeschoolers.. It was fun but very cold.

Samantha hard at work.

In science learning about how our bodies work, making a drawing of "ME" and drawing what makes me work

Samantha learned about polar bears and how they stay warm in the cold climate. We first put our hands in ice cold water and tried to see how long we could keep it there... seconds!

So we then put our hand in a bag covered in lard to imitate the fat that the polar bear has we put our hands in the water and noticed a big difference in how it felt. Our hands didn't really feel cold.

Samantha showing the completed workbook I made her about the story we read The Mitten. It had a page for each subject... snowflake math, a word search using words from the book, short vowel words in the book to go along with phonics, art, reading comprehension... she had to answer questions about the story then draw a picture about the answer. Following directions and reading common sight words. It was fun doing but a lot of work to create. Following directions and reading common sight words.

Some of the art work... using water color pencils Samantha coloring in and use water to create this picture I drew for her

These last two are from a science class Samantha participated in. It was fun she learned about weather.

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