Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I find others opinion on homeschooling so funny

Everyone will have an opinion about homeschooling even other homeschoolers.
Today while shopping I was told how brave I was to homeschool. I find that hilarious. I find the parents who choose to put their child in our cities public school the brave ones.

I have been asked by a friends husband if it was even legal to do it. Too funny. No its illegal and I do just because I want to go to jail. HA HA HA

A friend of my husbands told me I was going to ruin Samantha... recently he was over for dinner and started quizzing Samantha on her reading.... we had a paper up that she wrote out sentences so he wanted to make sure I didn't give her the answer and she could actually read it. So funny. When he was done I asked him if she passed his test. He did admit that she did real really well for her age. If Samantha didn't want to answer his questions I would have stopped it. But she seemed to love the attention showing off her reading skills. Another friend asked if the reason Sam has no interest in playing baseball and hockey because we homeschool! I guess he feels if she was exposed to it she would love it.... Not every child wants to play a sport...she does she wants to play soccer so I will look into it for the fall.

Other homeschoolers (NOT ALL) think their way is the only way. Some worry if you don't do things just so the government will say you can't do it... One said if I don't use all the same company for all subject my request to homeschool will be rejected. One person is so concerned with us homeschooling and only child that she even looked into scholarships for Samantha to go to a private school.

Some parents who send their children to public school will often get offended about our decision to homeschool. I often wonder does it make them question their decision to public school. Question their parenting decissions? Some parents who send their children to private schools can't understand why we wont sacrifice more to send her to private school also. Like I don't sacrifice to homeschool her! I heard this one from a parent from Sam's dance class who sends her 2 kids to private school.

There are days when I am praised by strangers for my sacrifices to homeschool Sam. How great they think it is that I am doing this for her. In our short time of homeschooling I have heard it all. Most of the time it makes me shake my head and giggle to myself. Some people are genuine curious about it how it works what we do and so on. Some people try to pick it apart and find where you have gone wrong.

And since everyone does have an opinion this all is my opinion! If you do what is best for your child and family you are doing your best and your child should thrive be it private school, public school or homeschool!

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