Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun with learning....

I have been wanting to plant some plants... last year we did sunflowers and I thought I held onto those seeds but didn't. We did pick up some seeds on one of our trips to Walmart. Samantha had fun watching the little disks grow and then plant the seeds in them. We have spearmint, basil, and 2 flowers. She also was so excited that if our plants take she is planting some at Abigail's grave in the late spring. We also planted daisy's a couple of weeks back but I forgot to take pictures. They are growing they are about 1/2 inch tall. :)

In Math she was learning how to count by 5's and 10's she got the tens very quickly and fives did only take one lesson... Today we applied what she learned she had to count out coins by 10's and tell me how much was there at first she was a little confused but soon got it. I love seeing the light bulb go off. I also had cards with the 10's on and 5's and she had to put them in order it didn't take her long to get it right. What fun learning can be when its hands on.

We do a devotional at least once a week that has a short lesson then an activity or craft. Ours this week was to make homemade ice cream. Half way through I had to take over shaking Sam's so mine came out more like a milk shake and hers was just like soft ice cream... so yummy!!!

Science today was using sun beads to see how fast they turned color in the sun. It was a kit we got a while back from the science class she went to. So first we had to count how fast they turned in the sun, then covered with a shirt, a shopping bag, sunglasses and then sunscreen. Interesting results... the shopping bag was just like having nothing covering it. The shirt after a minute the beads were only slightly colored the purple ones got color the fasted when covered. The sunglasses had a slight color to them after a minute also. Well with sunscreen on them the purple turned after a minute to a light purple and the others stayed white to a light light pink. So interesting since I paid good money for that sunscreen! This was a real fun experiment.

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happy's mommy said...

I looooooove it, Jen! Sam is SO smart! She impresses me EVERY Sunday!