Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MOPS homeschool fun

I belong to a MOPS group.. that is Mothers of preschoolers... this group is for moms pregnancy until your child completes first grade. A few of us have decided to homeschool and we get together for extra outtings besides our normal meetings. We meet up at the library, the playground, at each others houses to learn the recorder(I am trying to teach them) tryign is the key word here. LOL We have gone on field trips. Its fun.
We went to Battelship Cove last year, wow was it cold. But a fun time was had by all kids and mom's.

Just last week we went to Blithewold Mansion, Gardens & Abroretum. The flowers, the grounds and the view of the water all was so beautiful. All the kids enjoyed their time there. Samantha was amazed at the Mansion to see how the rich lived.... she said it was for the king and queen. I believe a few other little girls said the same. She was amazed at the toys in the nursery. Glass tea sets, glass dolls, books and wooden blocks. Thats all the kids had. She saw the intercom system of yesteryear. She wanted to come home and try and think of a way to make one for our house. I love it her imagination at work. She told me on the way home just how to do so. Sam said that way at night if she gets scared she can just call me and she wont have to come running into my room... not that our house is so big I wont hear her calling me...

Story time fun.... this week the theme was in the jungle. We had a fun time exploring the library looking for jungle animals. We also had the added bonus of having my granddaughters along for the fun...

our mops homeschool kids are a great bunch of kids. I am glad we have the opportunity to have such great friends to learn with and have fun times with too.

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