Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Travel the world for the holidays...

is a fun curriculum that I got off the internet.   So today we boarded our "plane" and visited Sweden... the plane took as all around the world until we landed in Sweden (the school room)

 Its really interesting learning about how other countries celebrate the Christmas Season.  On Dec 13 the youngest daughter is supposed to serve the family breakfast in bed.  Its a meal of coffee and buns. The girl will wear a crown of holly leaves and 7 yellow candles.  She also wears a white gown.  The boys of the family wear a big hat with stars on it and a white gown also.  Other girls in the family will dress in a white gown.  Samantha loved this idea.  So on Dec 13 she will put on her crown and gown and serve Steve and I in bed.  This is the Saint Lucia ceremony. 
Here she is making her crown...

 Then we made some other Sweden crafts the woven heart ornament and a red candle that they place in the window to let Jultomte (Santa Claus) know a child lives in the house.  He also resembles a gnome and not our American Santa. Which I love as my youngest son is afraid of gnomes... you might find a few around my house this Christmas Season.  Ha ha ha. I will let you in on a little secret... I have bought a super strong magnet the size of a bottle cap to stick on Nicks car when he is home on leave.  Since he was a teen we have this game going on where I leave gnomes around his room.  Ha ha ha Ok back to homeschooling. The children leave him porridge instead of cookies.

For people in Sweden they celebrate more on Dec 24 since they spend the day at church on Christmas day. The majority of the people belong the the Lutheran faith.

So Samantha earned her first stamp in her passport. I plan on doing a different country each day.  

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