Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I know its been a while

but I really haven't had much to post about.  We have been crazy busy lately with so many activities going on.  We went to Maryland for Thanksgiving. We did many crafts before the holiday.  Funny I can't seem to find where the pictures are on my computer.  We have dived into slime for science. We made goop and our own bouncy ball.  Here are some pictures if any are a repeat I am sorry.  
Christmas party at CD Rec... we took a hay ride in a parking lot.
 building our failure of a ginger bread house
 it was kind of funny when it fell apart
 Meet Lilly our newest member of the family She is such a cutie.
 and she puts up with Samantha
 our cute Santa strawberries...
 Racking leaves after the hurricane was lots of fun when she could jump in the piles

 making a melt wax picture
 bowling with the American Heritage Girls

 relaxing during free time
 A snow princess came to class this day....
 learning her cursive

 Her fish fishy died that day so in honor of him we made some paper fishes
 swim class learning to dive

 crazy fall weather before the storm

 snuggling up 

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