Thursday, November 8, 2012

Five in a Row... Storm in the Night.

I love how I can tie in the Five in a Row lessons to our life.  With Hurricane Sandy making her way up the east coast I decided we needed to read a book on storms.  Storm in the Night was perfect.  We talked about so many things. How to be ready for a big storm/hurricane. Not to be afriad to depend on God. But its ok to be afraid.  What makes a hurricane, storms, clouds and rain.

Here is some of what we did with this book....
Here she is learning to use acrylic paints and how you can paint over what you already painted.  This is her cover page for our FIAR binder.  She learned about how the brush strokes show in acrylic paintings.  She tried using the brush strokes to make the night sky look like a storm.

 paint time turned into fun with shaving cream.  

Here are some of the books we used to learn about the weather and water cycle. 
  We talked about sources of light.  Natural and man made.
 she tried her hand at facial expressions and using the eyes to show the direction a person is looking
 She learned about different type of clouds.
She went on brain pop jr and learned about the water cycle and what she could do to help protect our environment. 
Today She worked on all the cursive letters she has learned then I had her make up words with the letters she already knows.  Funny how cats always make their way into what she does.  The fish is in honor of fishy her fish that died during the night.  
 our paper fish in honor of her fishy.  

There is so much more that she learned with this story.. We made a list of what we did to get ready for hurricane Sandy. She learned new vocabulary words. Worked on more Onomatopoeia's. It was great that I happened to pick up my kindle and realized a month or so ago I downloaded a free book on Onomatopoeia for kids. We spent time reading them and had her say some of her own.  Did some math.  Practice her memory verse... Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am they God Isaiah 41:10a.  talked about the meaning of the verse and how it applies to our life. Did her story Elements for this book.  I have her do this for all the books we row.

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