Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crazy week...

This week has been a crazy week with Hurricane Sandy blowing by... We were extremely lucky we only got wind and rain.  Not much damage up here in MA.  Some lost power, some trees were down, some flooding but nothing compared to our friends in New Jersey. We were very blessed.  We only lost power for 30 seconds.

With Hurricane Sandy coming we decided to change what was planned for Five in a Row and do the book Storm in the Night.  I will save this for another post when we completed the lessons.

She loves to read. Her favorite books are the American Girl Books, Bad Kitty Series, Baby Mouse Series and any book that has to do with cats fiction and non-fiction.  Here she is reading today not sure why she found the need to read under her desk but if she is reading who and I to complain.
 In this picture she was saying... this better not end up on facebook.

Samantha has been struggling with subtraction. I think its because she hasn't got the addition facts memorized.  So we are taking a break from her math curriculum and reviewing addition and subtraction until she is more comfortable with it. So along with some worksheets from the Math Mammoth blue series and math games we worked on addition this week.

Math game addition bump.

Then we had some fun with phonics practice...
before she could go on to the next foot print she had to tell me a word for the ending on the foot.  She had some interesting words that were not really words.  The end she received a prize of pop rocks.

Brain Pop has been free this week so along with her normal work I have had her go on it each day and do something different. Today was addition and  yesterday was health and science. Its a great site to use to add to what your doing already.  She loves the jokes and comic strip for each subject she has done.  I am going to check out how much it costs and maybe purchase a membership for her.

On facebook I have started today saying what I am thankful for. I am going to come here each day and blog what I am thankful for.  As my friend Tammy said why only say what your thankful for on thanksgiving....  Today I am thankful for my boys. I am thankful that they are great brothers to each other.  I am thankful that they are my wonderful son's.  I couldn't be more prouder of the men they have become.

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