Thursday, November 1, 2012

Five in a Row Papa Poccolo

Last week our Five in a Row book was Papa Piccolo. A cute book about a tom cat that takes in 2 kittens and their live in Venice.

From this book Samantha learned about Venice Italy, the color wheel-primary, secondary and complementary colors, family- dads and adoptive dads, some Italian words and vocabulary words, anatomy of our eyes, writing her own lullaby, cats and how they grow, art- how to make a picture show motion, show live eyes, and about Marco Polo and his travels. And really so much more...

Here is the picture we did together to use as a cover page in our FIAR binder.  I drew the picture and she colored it.  

Not sure why yellow is showing up orange.  

 I love this. click on this and it will enlarge for you to read what she wrote.  I think her picture of Steve is hilarious.  

had her create her own color wheel using paint chips from Steve's work.   She then used this to look around the room and find things that are the complimentary color. 

her summery of what the story is about. Then she colored it Italy's flag.

the fun cat mask she created. She wanted to keep it like this not cut it up to use.  

Her art showing motion. She copied this from the book. the lines are connected to the kittens to show them running.

  I love Five in a Row she learns so much from this type of learning.  Its been a busy couple of weeks  thus my lack of posting.  I was knitting a costume for a paying costumer. So my night times have been dedicated to knitting after I prepared the next days school work. Here is the cute costume: 

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