Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election time......

I think most will agree with me that we are all thankful the election is all over!  Even if your not happy with the results I am so glad normal life will go forward once again.

At the Mathias Homeschool we did our own election to learn about the process of voting and electing something.  Yes I said something.  

First we watched a great video on the whole process. 

Then we talked about what you look for in a candidate.  

I took her to vote with me on Tuesday.  She watched carefully as I filled out my form and fed it into the machine.  Asking many many questions along the way.

I stressed how important it is to vote.  How women fought for our right to vote. I have to say explaining all this to Samantha had me a little teary eyed.  I have voted for all the presidential elections since I turned 18. But for some reason sharing this experience with Samantha was special.  I voted with Mike before and it was fun but different.  

Now onto our election.....

We both picked our favorite candy...  Made up a name of the party. Made campaign poster.  Wrote our reasons for people to pick ours...

The parties to vote for were the Rock Candy Party and The Party of Snickers.

(Samantha) Party of Rock Candy--I think Rock Candy should win because it is cool and has great flavors. It looks like crystals. They come in all different colors. Rock Candy tastes very heavenly. You should try it. Rock Candy is so yummy. It comes in so many different flavors like watermelon and bubble gum. You can even make it yourself. Rock Candy is the best.

(Jen) The Snickers Party-- Vote for Snickers, The taste will make your mouth think its in heaven. From gooey caramel to crunchy peanuts and smooth chocolate. Snickers has it all. 

I posted this to facebook and let the voting take place.  Samantha excitedly waited to see who voted and for what party.  We had a few write in candidates   One person wanted twix and her brother Nick wrote in skittles.  Mike well Mike wanted vegetables .. We didn't include him in the write ins..  

We waited a day for everyone to vote.  Can you believe it we had a tie!  A real tie.  So off to the internet to learn what happens if that ever happened in a Presidential election.  For your knowledge if that happens the house of representatives will each get a vote and the first candidate to reach 26 votes is the winner.  So we called a non facebook person Grandpa.  He broke the tie.... The Party of Rock Candy was the winner!  Samantha was so excited.

I like to thank the blogger of Dandelions Picked for this cool idea.


Heather said...

This is great! Thank you for voting in our election! It looks like you had fun with the idea. I have to say, my vote would have been for Snickers, but Rock Candy is a forgotten favorite too. Great CANDY-dates!
What video did you use to teach about the process?
Have a beautiful day!

Jen said...

Hi Heather,
Thank you! I had ordered free from Learn Our History a video of the election and the process. I do think it was a little over her head but she loved it. The characters go back and time to learn how it was all set up. Here is a link to their website..