Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Museum of Natural History Homeschool Adventures

 Once a month we have been going to the Museum of Natural History in Providence.  Samantha and her 2 friends participate in a program called Homeschool Adventures.  

Last month they learned about Animal Communications.  This month was a class on forces and motion.  

The class starts off with the teacher talking about the subject.  Then she demonstrates it.  This month she used Children to demonstrate how arches work.  SO here are 2 cute children arches. Samantha and Bristel.

They then were challenged to make a structure using the techniques she taught them using  marshmallows and spaghetti   It had to stand 36 inches tall and stay standing.  

We then walked around the museum doing the scavenger hunt.  They all looked so cute trying to find the answers.  Plus we did the activities set up around the museum.  

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