Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dr Seuss

March 2 was Dr Seuss' birthday.  We celebrated by doing a Dr Seuss week.  

Our week started with reading a few Dr Seuss books we have each day.  Doing some activities to go along with them.  I kept the week light because she was having practice every night for the musical she was in,  Seussical.  She had so much fun doing it.

We had green eggs and sausage. We didn't have any ham. Samantha didn't like the green eggs said they tasted funny.  HMM they tasted the same to me.  

She made a Dr Seuss hat fruit treat.

We read about who Dr Seuss was. About his life, his real name and where he grew up.  It was very interesting to read about him. 

Samantha and I really enjoyed reading and learning all about Dr Seuss and his books.  Can't wait to celebrate reading again next year.  

This is Sam getting turned into a who. 

 The Cat in the Hat
 Our yummy treat
 The art and writing to go along with There is a Wocket in my Pocket. 
 Sam and her BFF Bristel.

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