Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New classes...

Samantha has started a few new things this winter... ice skating lessons, wiggle kids gym class and a co-op.

The skating lessons are going awesome.  She will continue this until the summer and start back up in the fall.

Wiggle kids gym class has been so much fun. Its a 6 week class not sure if we will continue this.  She loves it but its falls on her dance class day and by time she starts ballet class she is so tired that she begs me to let her just go home to bed.  Not a good thing when they are practicing for the recital.  

The co-op. A friend convinced me not to wait until the fall to start her in the co-op. Mostly so she wouldn't be there alone.   So we caved to peer pressure. (thats ok I do the same to her from time to time) and I signed Sam up for the co-op.  She is taking a pre-chemistry class and history class.  She loves both of them. She came home excited that she had homework.  My silly kid.  

The science teacher gave me a book to catch her up since they started the first half of the class in the fall.  So Allicia and I have been teaching Samantha and Isabell the first 5 lessons.  They enjoyed it and learned so much.  Here is a picture of Samantha's understanding of atoms and how they become molecules.  H2O.

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